A small demonstrative bio-gas plant model will be displayed on a wooden base & metalic part. It is made of iron sheet and nicely painted It is demonstrative working model to understand its functionality. It’s having inlet & outlet tank floating gas holder and gas delivery pipe etc. It is an economical size 40 cmx28cm


This is 1.5 meter dish (approx) used for concentrating sunlight primarily designed to cook food

Other applications –

  • Domestic : Pressure cooking, Frying, Roasting, Baking
  • General : Rural , Urban, Military, Remote areas, Camps, Hostel, Science Exhibitions
  • Hospitals : Can be used for sterilization


This solar dish is made up of reflectors which are formed to give a parabolic surface to produce high reflection. When solar radiation falls on the reflector surface, these reflectors focus the suns rays on the cooking platform. The sun’s radiation then get converted into heat which can be used for a wide range of application. The dish can be conveniently rotated around and fixed depending on the sun’s position.


  • Capacity – 12 literes
  • MOC – Highly reflective special mettalic
  • Weight – 20 kgs approx
  • Structure – Steel powder coated finish
  • Pot diameter – 300 mm MAX
  • Power – 600 W, 5 Kwh / sq m / day


  • Rice – 1000 gms – 45 mins
  • Dal – 500 gms – 30 min
  • Potatoes – 500 gms – 30 min
  • Chapati – 9 minutes
  • Chicken – 1.5 Kgs – 1 hour 20 mins


Box-type solar cooker consists of an insulated box, metallic cooking tray sat inside the box, double glass lid on the cooking tray, and a reflecting mirror fitted on the underside of the lid of the box.   The cooking tray is insulated on the sides and bottom.  The incoming solar radiation falls onto the double glass lid and passes through it to strike the blackened cooking pots and the cooking tray.  The heat is absorbed by the blackened surface and gets transferred to the food inside the pots to facilitate cooking.  The mirror reflector is set in such a way to reflect the solar radiation falling on it to the cooker box. Up to four black painted vessels are placed inside the box. The cooker takes 1? to 2 hours to cook items such as rice, lentils and vegetables. The cooker may also be used to prepare simple cakes, roast cashew nuts, dry grapes, etc.  It is an ideal device for domestic cooking during most of the year, except for the monsoon season and cloudy days. It however cannot be used for frying or chapatti making.


The Indian Standard (IS 13420: 2000) defines the specifications and the performance parameters of box-type solar cookers.


It Consists Of :

  1. Photo Votaic Cell
  2. Battery Charger
  3. Battery
  4. 5 W CFL Bulb
  5. Control Panel For Mounting Above All Accessories.
  6. Instruction Manual : 1 No.



  1. Type of Gasaifier : Open top downdraft gasifier
  2. Rating of the gasifier : 5 kg/hr
  3. Turn down ratio  : 4 : 1
  4. Biomass : Woody Biomass / Biomass briquettes with ash
  5. content less than 5% & moisture content 15%
  6. Tar & particulate : Tar & particulate level is less than 25 ppm
  7. concentration in the gas:
  8. Biomass energy conversion efficiency at rated capacity : 80%
  9. vii. Calorific value of gas : Minimum calorific value is 4.6  + 0.2    MJ/kg
  10. viii. Producer Gas composition : Composition : CO : 20 + 1%, CII4: 3 + 1%, CII2: 20 +1%,  CO2: 12 + 1%, & rest N2.
  11. Auxiliary Power Consumption: Around 5 kW
  12. of Biomass Gasifier (Excluding Biomass Cutter)
  13. Rate of biomass consumption : 1.0 + 0.2 kg/K Wh with sun dry conditions  (Solid biomass with max of 15% moisture 5% ash)
  14. Life time of the system : 10 Years for Reactor & 15 Years for Cooling & Cleaning systems.


  1. Reactor : Reactor consisting of MS shell with Cold Face & Hot Face refractory lining Ceramic lining inside
  2. Pilot Cyclone : Stainless Steel 316 L.
  3. Gas Cooling            : Stainless Steel 304
  4.   Cleaning System
  5. Structural & Ladder : Mild Steel Fabrication
  6. Filter : MS Fabrication with SS components & Fabric Filter 



The Test Rig should consists of the following :

  1. Engine : Single cylinder 4 stroke diesel engine of 3.5 HP capacity.
  2. Dynamometer : The Engine   is   coupled   with Electric  Dynamometer   through   rigid   coupling   on a common base   plate.
  3. Fuel Measuring Device: Fuel tank mounted on sturdy iron stand, burette tube, three way cock, connecting tube & a stop clock.
  4. Calorimeter: Double Pipe Heat Exchanger to measure the heat goes through exhaust gases.
  5. Air Intake Measurement: Air Intake reservoir of size 0.3 x 0.3 x 0.5 m. with orifice   plate,   U Tube manometer of 0.5 m height for the measurement of air flow rate.
  6. Cooling Arrangement: Cooling   Water measurement by   rotameter to determine the discharge of cooling water. Internal    cooling   water   need   for   the   engine   & drum cooling.
  7. 12 channel Digital Temperature Indicator: With set of thermocouples.


1) Intensity up to 150 mW/cm2

2) Spectral range 0.3 to 5 mm

3) Time constant: less than 25 to 30 sec.

4) Sensitivity of thermopile 5 to 7 mW.

5) Diameter of shading ring 450 mm and width 50 mm


You may please find enclosed the technical literature for all model of SPV water pumping system. DATACONE offers  SPV AC  pumping system and  SPC DC pumping system.

If the water requirement is met by a few hours of operation of SPV water pumping system, the SPV array can be used to charge the batteries. The batteries can power an inverter of suitable capacity. Typically a 1  Kwp  SPV array can generate 5500  Whrs ( 5.5  Unit of DC  electricity ) @  STC.  Part of this can be used the motor ( say 1 unit ). The remaining energy can be used to charge the batteries ( 5.5 Uits –1 Units = 4.5 Unit )


INVERTER: (Only for AC SPV pumping system)

The inverter is designed  to optimized the operation of an induction motor with SPV array. The power circuitry is based to MOS FET technology.

The Software included in the inverter has the following features. The V/f control ensure the motor to operate at constant torque.

The MPPT feature ensures maximum power from the array to be transferred to the load.

The above two features optimizes the operation of the pump during the various insulation levels of the sum. The discharge is indirect proportion to Sun intensity. The electronics help the AC Submersible motor pump to work in low intensities when DC pump set cannot work.

The overall discharge in a day of solar powered   AC submersible pump exceeds a solar powered DC pump because of  the above two features.


The pump set is suitable for 100 mm dia bore wells. The pump is multistage with high efficiency impeller a vane assembly. The motor is proven and rugged construction. The motor is water-cooled construction type. This features help in easy service. Large number of pump sets with similar construction operating with grid power is in operation in India.


The DC pumping system consists of Permanent Magnet DC motor and Centrifugal pump. The system can be used only for surface operation and is suitable only for open well  operation. The motor is rugged and is simple  in construction. The total dynamic head ( TDH ) is 15 M.


DATACONE   manufactures single crystalline silicon solar cells since 1988. The efficiency is 14%. The cells are regular evaluated at NREL  U. S. A. The manual capacity of our cell line is 2  MW.  W e process 100 mm round,  102 mm pseudo square and 125 mm pseudo square. The customers for our cells include REIL, BHEL  and other module manufactures.

Our module  line has a capacity to produce 2 MW  annually. Vacuum lamination of our modules ensure longer life. The modules are tested for its output rating with our Sun Simulator,  Sun Simulator  simulates the sun spectrum at Air Mass 1.5.

A  1 Kwp  SPV  array occupies about 11 Sq. mm. The array generation 5500 Whrs of energy @ STC.


Manual traceable SPV array mounting structure suitable for mounting the SPV module is supplied. The pump is erected with HDPE pipe of suitable length cables and interconnecting wires as required for installation is supplied suitable box for housing the inverter.

We recommend you to refer our literature on DC SPV water pumping system for your battery charging and AC pumping system for your water requirement. You may please write to us for any further clarification.


Our scope of supply includes following item.

  1. Solar flat plate collector box.
  2. Insulated hot water storage tank of sufficient capacity.
  3. Stand for hot storage tank.
  4. Cold Water Storage Tank       :           1 No.
  5. Rotameter for flow measurement
  6. Self priming pump                  :           1 No.
  7. Multichannel Digital Temperature Indicator    – 1 No.
  8. Temperature Sensors             :           4 Nos.
  9. M. S. Stand & control panel for mounting all above items.
  10. Instruction Manual                  :           1 copy.



Or focusing type parabolic solar collector 



  1. No need to wait for hours after keeping utensils in sunshine.
  2. Use of pressure cooker upto 5 liters capacity cooks, rice, dal  and other  food within half an hour in good sunshine.
  3. Also useful for sterilization.
  4. User friendly , easy to move and clean.
  5. Safe to operate and durable.
  6. Effectively useful from one hour after sunrise to one hour before sunset.


  1. High reflecting Parabolic surface.
  2. Reflector adopts short focal distance and long tracking intervals ( 1 hours )
  3. ultiple point focus on the cooking platform.
  4. 5 Liters Capacity
  5. Operators at 600 watts nominal power.
  6. 1.4 mm diameter & 1.4  kgs. Total weight light convenient to use & easy to track.


We introduce ourselves as the leading manufacturer, Installer, and supplier of Solar Products like Solar Cooker , Solar Water Heating System, Solar Lamp, Solar Street Light, Solar Pumping System and Solar Silicon Power Generation System and Solar Distill plants as per ISI standard and specification.

Technical Specification and user manual for SOLAR DESTILL PLANTS

In nature fresh water is produced by a hydrologic cycle solar radiation is absorbed by the ocean causes evaporation of water from the surface. The vapour so produced increases humidity and temperature of the air above the sea surface. This humid air then works on the same principal.


The  saline water is kept for distillation at a shallow depth normally 50 mm.  In an insulated basin. A sloping pane of a glass supported by appropriate frame, covered the basin and is sealed tight to  maize vapor leakage. A trough runs along the lower edge of the glass pane to collect the distillate and carry it out of the basin.


Solar distillation is basically a simple process. The transparent glazing acts, as a condenser for water vapors generated from the transmission of the solar radiation through glass which is absorbed in the basin turn heats the saline water. The still can be operating with saline water being fed continuously to the basin or on a batch schedule. The still assembly should be located in the shadow less area and should be oriented such that top slopping glass cover slants towards south, to ensure maximum in take or solar radiation.

Because the salts dissolved in water are non volatile they remain in the residual brine when water is evaporated.

The output of distilled water will very with variation is solar radiation and so there is year round variation of output. On  an average 3.5  mtrs/m2/day of distilled water is obtained with the Solar Still. More output can be obtained by preheating the saline water in a solar collector prior to feeding to the still.


In many villages in our country the people are  facing hardships in getting potable water. The rainwater stored in leaks rapidly becomes stagnant and polluted.  Underwater such circumstances, Solar Stills avoid virtually all the problems by giving clean pure water.

Under drought conditions, with desalination of sea water and  other camp such as those for constructions often find it difficult to get portable water. Our Solar Still shall serve them drinking water.

Traveling in the desert and inhabitants of a remote temporary camp such as those for constructions often find it difficult to get portable water. Our solar Still shall serve them  drinking water.

Laboratories, Schools, Hospitals, Petrol Pumps,  Garages to require distilled water for there various application. Our Solar Still mounted on terraces or on grounds is being used by these people.