You may please find enclosed the technical literature for all model of SPV water pumping system. DATACONE offers  SPV AC  pumping system and  SPC DC pumping system.

If the water requirement is met by a few hours of operation of SPV water pumping system, the SPV array can be used to charge the batteries. The batteries can power an inverter of suitable capacity. Typically a 1  Kwp  SPV array can generate 5500  Whrs ( 5.5  Unit of DC  electricity ) @  STC.  Part of this can be used the motor ( say 1 unit ). The remaining energy can be used to charge the batteries ( 5.5 Uits –1 Units = 4.5 Unit )


INVERTER: (Only for AC SPV pumping system)

The inverter is designed  to optimized the operation of an induction motor with SPV array. The power circuitry is based to MOS FET technology.

The Software included in the inverter has the following features. The V/f control ensure the motor to operate at constant torque.

The MPPT feature ensures maximum power from the array to be transferred to the load.

The above two features optimizes the operation of the pump during the various insulation levels of the sum. The discharge is indirect proportion to Sun intensity. The electronics help the AC Submersible motor pump to work in low intensities when DC pump set cannot work.

The overall discharge in a day of solar powered   AC submersible pump exceeds a solar powered DC pump because of  the above two features.


The pump set is suitable for 100 mm dia bore wells. The pump is multistage with high efficiency impeller a vane assembly. The motor is proven and rugged construction. The motor is water-cooled construction type. This features help in easy service. Large number of pump sets with similar construction operating with grid power is in operation in India.


The DC pumping system consists of Permanent Magnet DC motor and Centrifugal pump. The system can be used only for surface operation and is suitable only for open well  operation. The motor is rugged and is simple  in construction. The total dynamic head ( TDH ) is 15 M.


DATACONE   manufactures single crystalline silicon solar cells since 1988. The efficiency is 14%. The cells are regular evaluated at NREL  U. S. A. The manual capacity of our cell line is 2  MW.  W e process 100 mm round,  102 mm pseudo square and 125 mm pseudo square. The customers for our cells include REIL, BHEL  and other module manufactures.

Our module  line has a capacity to produce 2 MW  annually. Vacuum lamination of our modules ensure longer life. The modules are tested for its output rating with our Sun Simulator,  Sun Simulator  simulates the sun spectrum at Air Mass 1.5.

A  1 Kwp  SPV  array occupies about 11 Sq. mm. The array generation 5500 Whrs of energy @ STC.


Manual traceable SPV array mounting structure suitable for mounting the SPV module is supplied. The pump is erected with HDPE pipe of suitable length cables and interconnecting wires as required for installation is supplied suitable box for housing the inverter.

We recommend you to refer our literature on DC SPV water pumping system for your battery charging and AC pumping system for your water requirement. You may please write to us for any further clarification.

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