Mixed flow reactor is a reactor in which the content are well stirred and uniform throughout . Thus exit stream from this reactor has the same composition as the fluid within the reactor. We can refer also mixed type reactor The reactants are initially charged in to a container, mixed well and then left to react for certain period of time. At any instant the composition throughout the rector is uniform.


  1. Study of Continuous stirred tank reactor.
  2. To calculate the reaction rate constant k for given reaction in Continuous stirred tank reactor

Reactor : Material Stainless steel (SS) ,
Flow Measurement : 2 No. Pre calibrated Rota meter
Feed Tank : 2 No. of stainless steel feed tank
Feed Circulation :By Compressed Air
Pressure Regulator :0-2 kgf / cm2
Pressure Gauge : Bourdon type 0 – 2 kgf / cm2
Water Bath : Material SS, Double Wal, Insulated with glass Wool
Heater : Nichrome wire heater
Stirrer : 1 No.SS impeller and shaft coupled to `FHP Motor
Digital Temp Indicator : 0 – 200 0 C
Temp Sensor : CR/AL Type
Stop watch : Electronic
Piping : SS , PVC
Setup Mounting : On sturdy MS stand with powder coated.
CHEMICALS REQUIRED : NaOH, Ethyl Acetate , HCL , Phenolphthalein indicator, Distilled
SERVICE REQUIRED : Air Supply : @ 6 CFM at 4 Kg /cm2 Water Supply : @ 2 lpm
Power Supply : 230 V, 50 Hz, A.C.
SPACE REQUIRED : 1.5 m. ( L) x 1.0 m (W) X 1.5 m (H).
WEIGHT : @ 50 Kg

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