DESCRIPTION : The experimental set up consists of a distillation still. The distillation steel is surrounded by another still is constructed of mild steel. The vapour coming from the steel are sucked by means of vaccum pump. only non condensable gases go to the pump while the vapours are condensed by the water called condenser. Water is circulated through the condenser tube . The bottom product from the steel is discharged by means of the bottom drain point while the condensed vapour is discharge by means of the drain. RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS : 1. To carryout distillation under vaccum. 2. To Verify Rayleigh equation. EXPERIMENTAL SETUP : Reboiler : Material Stainless Steel Column : Material Stainless Steel Reflux Drum : Material Stainless Steel Condenser : SS , Shell and Tube type Condenser Flow Measurement : 1 No. Pre calibrated Rota meter Packing : Rasching Ring. Heating Mantle : Aluminum body with fiber cloth Digital Temp Indicator : 0 – 400 0 C. Temp Sensor : CR/AL Type Distillate Receiver : Material Stainless Steel Vacuum Pump : Compactable capacity Piping : SS , PVC Setup Mounting : On sturdy MS stand with powder coated SPACE REQUIRED : 1.5 m. (L) x 1.0 m(W) X 2.0 m (H) SERVICE REQUIRED: Power Supply : 230 V, 50 Hz, A.C. Water Supply : @ 2 lpm Specific Gravity Bottle CHEMICALS REQUIRED : Methanol Or Ethanol WEIGHT : @ 65 Kg.