The drive consist of small D. C. motor mounted vertically on a rigid base plate. The governor spindle should have supported vertically on same base plate with ball bearings, so it is free to rotate. This spindle is driven by motor with belt and pulley system. The optional governor mechanisms can be mounted on spindle. Precise speed control is afforded by the speed control unit and extension to the spindle shaft allows the use of a hand tachometer (Not in scope of supply) to determine the speed. A graduated scale is fixed to the sleeve and guided in vertical direction. The center sleeve of the porter and proell governors incorporates a weight sleeve to which weight may be added. The hartnell governor provides means of varying spring rate and initial compression level. This enables the hartnel governor. To be operated as a stable or unstable governor


  1. Drive unit D. C. motor ¼ H.P. RPM /180 V. D. C.
  2. Speed control unit working on single phase AC 230 supply with 0 200 VDC
  3. Belt on pulley systems to give spindle speed 100 to 500 RPM
  4. Governor mechanisms with necessary spring and weights as below
  • Watt
  • Porter
  • Hartnell
  • Proell


For all type of governor

  • Determination of characteristic curve of sleeve position against speed of rotation
  • Derivation of the actual controlling force curves from the above characteristic and comparison with theoretically predicted controlling force curves.

Porter and proell governors

  • The effect of varying the mass of the center sleeve.

Hartnell governor

  • The effect of initial spring compression


A detailed instruction and operation manual is to be provided along with the equipment.