1. To study the characteristics of Drying.
2. To calculate the rate of drying
The setup consist of tray drier with stainless steel tray for holding the material to be dried. The air from blower is heated in heater box and passed through the drier. RTD type PT-100 temperature sensors are provided for temperature measurement. Dry bulb, wet bulb is provided to measure humidity exhaust air from drier. Digital temperature indicator is provided. Digital online weighing arrangement is used for weight measurement of the tray. The setup is designed for tabletop mounting.
SPACE REQUIRED : 1.5 m. ( L) x 1.0 m (W) X 1.5 m (H).
SERVICE REQUIRED: Power Supply 230 v 1 Phase 50 hz
WEIGHT: @ 55 Kg

Get More Details:- 09-TRAY DRYER

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