In the system solid get transferred into the liquid phase. This transfer result from molecular diffusion as well as eddy diffusion . Because eddy diffusion currents are formed by stirring the system with the help of magnetic stirrer . Due to this concentration of solid in liquid goes on increasing with respect to time .If we provide sufficient time , then this concentration will achieve the value CA which is maximum possible solubility of solid at that temperature.


To determine the solid – liquid mass transfer coefficient for given system


Dissolution Vessel                   :           Borosilicate Glass

Stirrer                                      :           SS impeller and shaft coupled to

FHP Motor

Digital Temp Indicator            :           0 – 200 0 C ., Indicator cum Controller

Temp Sensor                          :           CR/AL Type

Heater                                     :           Nichrome Wire

Setup Mounting                       :           On sturdy MS stand with

powder coated

SPACE REQUIRED  :          1 m. (L) x 0.5 m(W) X 1.0 m (H) 

SERVICE REQUIRED :         Power  Supply   : 230 V, 50 Hz, A. C.                                               

CHEMICALS REQUIRED     :           Benzoic Acid

WEIGHT                                 :           @ 45 Kg