DESCRIPTION: The equipment consists of Borosilicate glass round bottom flask as distillation still . The distillation is carried out by heating the still. The vapors coming from the column is going in to the condenser. The distillate is collected in round bottom flask RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS TO BE CARRIED OUT : 1. To study the simple distillation 2. To verify Rayleigh Equation for simple distillation EXPERIMENTAL SETUP: Reboiler : Borosilicate glass round bottom flask Distillate Receiver : Borosilicate glass round bottom flask Condenser : Borosilicate glass double pipe condenser Heating Mantle : Aluminum body with fiber cloth and with Thermostat Digital Temp Indicator : 0 – 400 0 C , Temp Sensor : Mercury Thermometer Piping : PVC Setup Mounting : On sturdy MS stand with powder coated SPACE REQUIRED : 1.5 m. ( L) x 1.0 m (W) X 0.6 m (H). SERVICE REQUIRED: Water Supply : @2 LPM Power Supply : 230V, 50Hz, A. C. Specific Gravity Bottle. CHEMICALS REQUIRED : Methanol, Ethanol. WEIGHT : @ 55 Kg


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