RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS TO BE CARRIED OUT: 1. To Calculate the Reynold No 2. To observe and study the type of flow( Laminar ,Transient , Turbulent ). TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : The experimental setup consist of a tank containing water & small tank containing dye. The water supply tank is fitted with horizontal transparent glass tube with flow control valve. A syringe with flexible tube from dye supply tank , fixed in the glass tube. By adjusting the flow control valve of the glass tube , types of flow can be observed.This system is complete closed circuit type and easy to move due to wheels. DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT : Size :1.2 m.(L)x 0.5 m(W) X 1.7m ( H )
Weight :Approx. 45 Kg SERVICE REQUIRED : Water : 70 ltr SCOPE OF DELIVERY:
1. Experimental Setup
2. Instructional Manual


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