1. Cut section model Hermetically Sealed Compressor.
  2. Cut section model Semi Sealed Compressor.
  3. Cut section model Open Type Reciprocating Compressor.
  4. Different types of Condenser Fan Blades.
  5. Different types of Air Conditioning Blower Blades.
  6. Cut Section model Condenser Fan Motor.
  7. Model of Air Cooled Natural Convection Coiled Condenser

 Model  of Air Cooled Forced Convection Coiled Condenser

  1. Model of Shell and Tube Condenser
  2. Model of Plate Type Condenser.
  3. Model of Shell & Coil Condenser.
  4. Model of Evaporative Condenser.
  5. Model of Capillary Tube Expansion.
  6. Cut section model of Automatic Expansion Valve.
  7. Cut section model of Thermostatic Expansion Valve.
  8. Cut section model of Solenoid Control Valve.
  9. Cut section model of High Pressure & Low Pressure Cutout.
  10. Cut section model of Thermostat
  11. Cut section model of Hand Shut Off Valve
  12. Model of Split Valve.
  13. Model of Sling Psychrometer.
  14. Model of Aspirating Psychrometer.
  15. Cut section model of Filter Drier.
  16. Cut section model of Run Capacitor.
  17. Cut section model of Start Capacitor.
  18. Model of Over Load Protector.
  19. Model of Compressor Relay.
  20. Cut section model of Pressure Switch.
  21. Model of High Pressure & Compound Pressure Gauge.
  22. Model of Suction Accumulator.
  23. Cut section model of Refrigerator.
  24. Cut section model of Air Conditioner.

The display board of suitable size sunmaica laminated wooden board, on it various components, control and parts are mounted.