RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS TO BE CARRIED OUT: 1. To Study the performance ofGear pump 2. To calculate the efficiency of pump. 3. To plot graph of Discharge v/s Head. 4. To plot graph of Input Power v/s Head 5. To plot graph of Efficiency v/s Head TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION : The apparatus consists gear pump of suitable capacity.Suction and discharge pressure are measured by using vacuum and pressure gauge respectively.Flow through pump is controlled by using discharge control valve.Discharge though the pump is measured by using measuring tank. Sump Tank of suitable capacity is provided..Energy meter is provided for measurement of power consumption of pump.This system is complete closed circuit type DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT : Size :1.0 m.(L)x 1.0 m(W) X 1.0 m ( H ) , Weight :Approx. 75 Kg SERVICE REQUIRED : 440 v Ac Supply 50 Hz Oil: 20 w 40 no, 60 ltr SCOPE OF DELIVERY:
1. Experimental Setup
2. Instructional Manual

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