RANGE OF EXPERIMENTS TO BE CARRIED OUT: 1. To Carry out the analysis of exhaust gas . TECHNICAL DESCRIPTION: A 5-gas analyser meant for monitoring CO, CO2, HC, O2 and NO in automotive exhaust. It meets OIML Class-I specifications. CO, CO2 and HC (Hydrocarbon residue) are measured by NDIR technology and O2 and NO by electrochemical sensors. It is also supplied as a 4-gas analyser which can be upgraded easily to 5-gas version by the addition of an NO sensor. It has many control features to prevent faulty measurements. A built-in dot matrix printer is provided to print out a hard copy of the results. It conforms to CMVR 115/116 and is certified by ARAI, Pune DIMENSIONS AND WEIGHT : Size :0.5 m.(L)x 0.4 m(W) X 0.3m ( H ) Weight :Approx. 10 Kg SERVICE REQUIRED : Power Supply : 230v, AC ,Single Phase , 50HZ
1. Experimental Setup
2. Instructional Manual

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