Corioll’s components of acceleration have provision to study corioll’s component of acceleration of a slider crank mechanism. The mechanical slider system shall be replaced by a continuous stream of water flowing through a steadily rotating pair of tubes. These tubes can be rotated at various speeds by using swinging field motor which also acts as dynamometer continually measures torque applied to the rotating tubes. The equipment have self-contained. Water circulation pump.

Technical Specifications:

  1. Main Tank: Fabricated out of MS with powder coating
  2. Rotating Arms: 9mm / 6mm orifice dia. 300 mm long
  3. Rotameter: 300 To 3000 LPH.
  4. Electric Motor: PMDC 0.5 HP/ 1500RPM/ 0 To 180 VDC Monoblock, 1-Phase ½ HP Pump
  5. Rigid support structures.
  6. Control: Consisting of
  • Pump switch
  • Variac speed control
  • Speed indicator with proximity switch
  • Main switch


Coriollis component of acceleration can be determined at various speeds of rotations & water flow rates.


A manual is to be supplied which gives details of the apparatus and procedure of experiments.