The Absorption column should consist of Glass column . The device must equipped with a gas inlet and distributing space at the bottom, a liquid inlet and distributor at the top, gas  and liquid outlet at top and bottom respectively. The gas and air are metered separately, mixed and then passed through the bed vertically upwards and absorbed in liquid . All the flow rates can be independently varied to simulate different conditions.


  1. To study the characteristics of absorption with chemical reaction.
  2. To calculate the rate of absorption.
  3. To calculate the interfacial area per unit volume


Column                       :           Borosilicate Glass Column

Flow Measurement     :           3 No. Pre calibrated Rota meter

Feed Tank                   :           1 No. of stainless steel feed tank

Product receiver         :           1 No. SS tank

Gas supply                  :           1 No. of gas cylinder with Pressure Gauge

Piping                          :           SS , PVC

Setup Mounting           :           On sturdy MS stand with

powder coated

SPACE REQUIRED              :           1.5 m. ( L) x 1.0 m (W) X 2.5 m (H).

SERVICE REQUIRED:          Air Supply : @ 6 CFM, at 4 Kg /cm2

CHEMICALS REQUIRED:    NaOH, HCL, Phenolphthalein indicator ,

Distilled water

WEIGHT                                 : @ 55 Kg